You need fast and high-quality freight transport to Sweden?

You are in the right place!



Based on our 20 years of experience, we always guarantee the highest possible quality of service.


With us, you can be sure that your goods will be taken care of by experienced experts with whom cooperation goes well.


By entrusting your shipment to us, you make a good decision, so that the goods reach the recipient beautifully and at the agreed time.


Thanks to our long-term experience, we have found the best ways to serve you as quickly as possible.

Personal approach

Every customer is like a friend to us. And we keep and love our friends.

We deal with distribution transport.
We use tailgate trucks with a cargo space of 8.5 m.
We also offer parcel delivery directly to the customer. Cars run 4 times a week.
Tallinn-Stockholm 4 times a week.
Tallinn-Gothenburg once a week.
Also Tallinn-Örebro and Tallinn-Uppsala.

Portage to Sweden

We deliver the goods from the customer directly to the destination.

We quickly find a favorable solution to the price request and administer the transport ourselves from start to finish.

NB! We also provide 24-hour courier delivery within Stockholm.

Our customers have praised our personal approach. Our service offering is based on the “door to door” principle and we are focused on creating good long-term customer relations.


We have been transporting goods to Sweden for almost 20 years. You can safely trust us!

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